Discover what makes Street Maniax the most popular adventure park in Dubai

Cable Way

Get suspended on a wire high above the ground to get your adrenalin pumping! Fly through the air like superman and live to tell the tale!

The Cable Way is an exhilarating way to start your journey at Street Maniax. It is fun, quick & insanely addictive. You get to challenge to gravity & zip line under the venue. Who doesn’t want to defy gravity eh?


Snitches get stitches. May the last man standing win!

Feel your instincts kick into overdrive in this mad combination of dodgeball and trampolines! Using soft dodgeballs, two teams have a face off on the dodgeball battle arena where they use their trampolining skills to dodge the balls and take on the other team! It is incredibly safe and makes for one hell of a workout!

Jump Tower

Base jump into an inflatable bag and come out with all your limbs intact!

Face your fears and come out winning the other end. Base jump off the jump tower and land on big bag of air. There are 2 levels to show off your skills as you launch into the air. Extra brownie points for mid air stunts!


You’re a goner if you don’t time this right my guy!

Jump and duck to avoid the bars with timing, patience and precision. This is a game that tests your level of commitment and patience, in turn rewarding you as the ultimate contender. The last man standing wins!

Ninja Warrior

Run like hell my guy! The Ninja Warrior is coming for ya!

Ooh! This is a tough one! You have to have cat like reflexes, and you have to be quick on your feet. This will test your upper body strength, lower body strength, stamina and speed.  Run through the Ninja Warrior as quick as you can to se the fastest time! May the quickest win!

Trampoline Parkour

Adrenalin buffet anyone? Come and get some! This is where parkour blends with trampolines making the experience quite unique.

This is where the alphas come in to play! Jump, bob and weave through our free run course, generate a ton of dopamine and most importantly, don’t forget to stay hydrated y’all!

Quick Fight

Is that you squeaking? Careful what you wish for my dude!

In an alternative timeline, if you ever end up falling from the top of a building, this is what it would feel like! Feel your stomach catch in your mouth in this fully immersive experience!

Walk the wall

It’s time to talk the talk or walk the wall!

What happens when you combine a wall that almost resembles a half pipe and an Olympic sized trampoline? You get THE WALL. This is the creme de la crème of freestyle trampoline. Push up against the wall to jump higher and perform insane tricks!

Warped Wall

Y’all got the skills to master this one? Let’s see you try!

Run up the wall and try to get to the top. Don’t let its simple look deceive ya. It’s harder than it looks. As they say, Slips & Slides may scrape my hide, but this Warped Wall will never beat me.




    First Al Khail St, Al Quoz Ind. 3, Dubai, United Arab Emirates



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