• Sharp objects, keys, loose items, jewellery, watches, hair pins, hats, etc, must be removed.
  • Avoid jumping in the same area of anyone significantly younger or less skilled than yourself.
  • Food, drinks, chewing gum or confectionary of any kind is not permitted.
  • Ensure that you always land all jumps with both feet.
  • Top section of trampoline and blue pads are to be avoided while jumping.
  • Be aware and considerate to fellow jumpers at all times and fighting, abuse (verbal or physical) or tripping is strictly forbidden.
  • Foul language or profanity is not allowed.
  • Immediate dismissal if you double jump or double/triple flip.
  • Running is not permitted.
  • Safety says kids less than 95cm tall are not allowed on trampoline park.
  • Tired? take a break in safe area or the cafe.
  • No sitting or lying down on trampoline.

First Al Khail St, Al Quoz Ind. 3, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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